Jupiter Auto Insurance has been providing fast, convenient, inexpensive, and quality auto coverage for decades. While auto insurance remains our specialty, we also give you the option to purchase renters insurance, motorcycle insurance, and short-term medical insurance as well.

Now, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Thimble to bring you some very innovative small business insurance options.

Do you operate a small business and need insurance fast? Being prepared keeps everyone safe but what if you don’t have time to call an agent, wait for a quote, and then wait for your policy or Certificate of Insurance?

Maybe you need insurance for a job you’re working on tomorrow or you just found out the venue you are going to requires coverage and you need to be there in two hours?

No worries! Jupiter can help!  Within a couple of minutes, you can have a policy with the coverage you need along with a Certificate of Insurance. This flexibility takes the stress out of any time constraint you may have and allows you to keep the job you were hired to do.

Thimble is a 24/7/365 quoting and issuing tool that can help you get the last-minute coverage you need. Through this option, we are able to cover over 120 occupations, including Handymen & Contractors, Events & Entertainment, Beauty & Fitness, Cleaners & Janitors, Consultants & Freelancers, and some Pet services.

This instant coverage is ideal for a stay-at-home mom who photographs a couple of weddings a year, a college-aged student who has the opportunity to pet sit over break or an electrician who is asked by their neighbor to complete a small job for them on the weekend. Thimble’s coverage offerings include general liability, professional liability, and errors and omissions coverage. They even have the potential to cover some drone exposure.

Obtaining proper coverage for a job is beneficial to not only you but also the person or entity you are working for. Business insurance is designed to protect you against the risk of a lawsuit if your work caused harm to others or damaged others’ property.

Some places, like event centers, hotels, government agencies and large businesses, may require you to obtain insurance before you can perform work on their premises. Even if they do not require it, having insurance demonstrates your professionalism and good will.

Interested in learning more? Get a quick and easy business insurance quote here!