We love Arkansas. Whether you’re driving around Little Rock or making your way through the Ozark Mountains, there’s always something to see. Sometimes, you see a little more than you bargained for. Not sure what we mean? Here’s a roundup of some of the stranger news stories to come out of Arkansas this year, compliments of Jupiter Auto Insurance – your source for the best and cheapest auto insurance in The Bear State!

A Rooster Terrorizes a Small City

When you think of animal attacks, you probably think of dogs, bears or possibly alligators – not birds. But certain species of birds can be very aggressive, as anyone who’s ever come across an angry goose could tell you. Even chickens can be a problem. According to USA Today, a rooster has been attacking people in Jasper, Arkansas. It got bad enough that the city leaders were planning to draft an ordinance to address the issue.

Do You Live in Toad Suck?

Arkansas has its fair share of colorful town names. According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Toad Suck is named after revelers who soaked up whiskey like a toad. Check out the full article for the origins of other interesting town names, including Bug Scuffle Church, Cow Faced Hill, Fly Gap, Pickles Gap and Smackover.

Arkansas State Troopers Take Selfies with a Cow in Their Car

According to 5News, a distraught family called the police for help finding their miniature cow. When Arkansas State Troopers found the cow, they were able to get it into their vehicle to ride shotgun. They took a couple of selfies before returning the animals to its family. To be fair, the miniature cow is adorable, and it was not the type of photo op you’d want to pass up.

Burning Hole Sparks Mystery

The Midway Volunteer Fire Department responded to calls about a hole in the ground just off Highway 5 South. According to KY3, the hole was about two feet in diameter, but the flames shooting out of it were what made it noteworthy. The cause of the hole – and of the flames – remains a mystery, but it did not appear to be related to utilities.

Raccoons Seek an Education

OK, maybe the raccoons weren’t really trying to educate themselves, but they have been invading a library. According to UPI, a math tutor took a photo of a wet raccoon inside Arkansas State University’s library. A representative from the school said that this was not a one-time event. Multiple raccoons have been spotted inside the library before. The raccoons are probably going inside to escape the rain.

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