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Check-In with Your Kids During National Teen Driver Safety Week

Every year, National Teen Driver Safety Week provides parents with the perfect opportunity to make sure their teens are staying safe on the road. This year, it lasts from October 20 to 26. Why Teen Driver Safety Matters For teens between the ages of 15 and 18, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of [...]

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How to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

To get the best deal on something, you need to do a little comparison shopping. It’s true whether you’re buying groceries for your family or a new laptop for yourself. It’s also true when you need car insurance. But some things are easier said than done. Car insurance can be … complicated. If you’re not [...]

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Keep Your Auto Insurance Cheap with These 8 Defensive Driving Tips

Picture this: After a driver hit the vehicle in front of him, breaking its taillight, he put his car in reverse so he could inspect the damage ... and hit the bumper of the car behind him. Then, when he opened his door to exit his vehicle, he knocked down a passing cyclist! No - [...]

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How to Buy (the Best) Cheap Auto Insurance

Do you want to know something we probably agree on? We think people should be able to buy auto insurance cheap. It’s not just a nicety, after all. We believe cheap auto insurance is a necessity. After all, coverage isn't optional; it's required by law. That means it should be affordable for everyone, with no [...]

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SR22 Insurance: 10 Things to Know

Have you been told that you need to obtain SR22 insurance? If so, you probably have a lot of questions about what it is, why you need it, and how it will affect you. Here are 10 things you should know about SR22 insurance. SR22 insurance isn’t actually insurance. Although it’s often called SR22 insurance, [...]

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Think Car Insurance Should Be Optional? Here’s Why It Isn’t

Do you think car insurance should be optional? You’re not alone. Many people resent being forced to spend their hard-earned money on insurance. However, states have some very good reasons for requiring auto insurance. Reason #1: Crashes are common – and costly. In 2017, there were 6,452,000 police-reported crashes and 2,746,000 injuries. Nobody is perfect, [...]

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The Pros and Cons of New Vehicle Tech

Cars have gotten high tech. Modern vehicles can keep you connected, entertained and even driving in the right lane. In recent years, new exciting new features have tempted car buyers. But before you hand over your money, you should ask whether these features are actually a good idea. In some cases, they may be a [...]

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Why College Students Need Renters Insurance

This fall, millions of students will head off to college. For many, it’s their first time living on their own. This big change comes with a lot of new responsibilities. Some of the most important of these new responsibilities involve obtaining the right insurance coverage. Renters Insurance for College Students College students who live in [...]

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Summer Road Trip Survival: Tools & Apps

Summer is a great time to hit the road. Before you get carried away, though, take a moment to prepare for the best summer road trip ever with the right tools and apps. First, let’s start with an important reminder: Don’t let distracted driving ruin your road trip. Always put a passenger in charge of [...]

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Arkansas Driving Laws: What You Need to Know

If you want to drive in Arkansas, you need Arkansas auto insurance. Coverage protects you and the other people on the road. It also satisfies the state’s legal requirements. Driving is a big responsibility, so make sure you have the right coverage in the right amounts. Minimum Arkansas Auto Insurance Requirements Each state sets its [...]

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