Budget Car Insurance: How to Know if You’re Really Getting a Good Deal

It isn’t always easy to know whether you’re getting a good deal. Let’s say you need to buy a new television, and you buy one at what seems like a great price – only to find it at an even lower price the next week. Clearly, you didn’t get the great deal you thought you [...]

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20 Things You Should Never Do When Shopping for Car Insurance

Don’t underestimate the importance of your car insurance policy. If anything goes wrong, you’ll need the right coverage to get your car back on the road and your life back on track. Unfortunately, people make a lot of mistakes when buying car insurance. When shopping for car insurance, here are 20 things you should never [...]

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Five Reasons You May Need Short-Term Health Insurance

If you have a gap in your health insurance coverage, a short-term health insurance plan can fill it. These plans are designed to provide coverage for a short period of time – maybe as short as one month or as long as 364 days – and you may be able to renew a plan for [...]

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If Everyone Is Stuck at Home, Why Are Driving Fatalities Rising?

Every time you get in your car, there’s a chance that you’ll be involved in a crash. The more miles you drive, the higher the risk. If you extrapolate this logic, you’d expect traffic fatalities to have decreased in recent months. After all, people have been staying home and therefore driving a lot less. Fatal [...]

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10 Tips for Safe Summer Road Trips During the Pandemic

For many people, summertime is vacation time. If you’re wary of flying during the pandemic, a road trip may sound ideal, but you still need to pay attention to health and safety issues. Here are 10 tips for a safe summer road trip. 1. Get your car ready. You should ALWAYS pack emergency supplies before [...]

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Does Auto Insurance Follow the Car or the Driver?

If you get into a car crash, you’ll need to notify your insurance company. But what happens if you’re driving a friend’s car when the crash happens? Car insurance issues can get complicated quickly. One of the most common sources of confusion is whether an auto insurance policy follows the car or the driver. Here’s [...]

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Does Auto Insurance Cover Food Delivery Drivers?

If you’ve been laid off, or if you’re simply looking for flexible income, working for DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, or a similar company may seem like the perfect opportunity. But have you considered what could happen if you get into a car crash? Here’s what you need to know about auto insurance. The Rise of [...]

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When a DUII Isn’t A DUII: A Safety Alert for Diabetic Drivers

A police officer pulls a car over. The driver has been swerving, and he appears clumsy and incoherent. His breath smells of fruit and something that could be alcohol. It looks like a DUII – driving under the influence of intoxicants – but it’s not. The driver is suffering from diabetic shock. This is actually [...]

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Driving High: Why Cannabis and Cars Don’t Mix

Legalized marijuana has been gaining support. According to CBS, Illinois legalized recreational marijuana this year, making it the eleventh state to do so. Although marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, 33 states have legalized marijuana in some form. More states may pass laws to legalize marijuana in the coming years, and some people [...]

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