Jupiter Auto Insurance Customers: Here’s Your REAL ID Status Report

If you haven’t gotten your REAL ID yet, you’ll have a little extra time. The deadline for REAL ID enforcement has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The REAL ID The REAL ID Act was passed in 2005. It establishes minimum security standards that states must comply with for issuing secure driver’s licenses and [...]

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How Teen Driving Has Changed

Getting a driver’s license isn’t like it used to be. Compared to previous generations, fewer teens are getting their license. Those who do face new challenges.  Here’s what parents need to know about how things are different – and how some things are still the same. Fewer Teens Are Driving According to Bloomberg, recent data [...]

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10 Great Reasons to Get Comprehensive Auto Insurance

If you want to drive, you need car insurance. State laws require drivers to carry liability insurance for property damage and bodily injury claims. That way, if you hit another car, you’ll be able to pay for the damages you cause. But what if something else goes wrong? For example, what if your car is [...]

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What to Do if a Power Line Falls on Your Car

On March 3, two tornadoes struck Tennessee. According to the Weather Channel, the storms caused at least 25 deaths and significant property damage. Tornadoes and other severe storms can pose a serious threat. In some cases, the danger may remain after the storm has passed – for example, if power lines are damaged. Here’s what [...]

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Insuring Cars with Salvage or Rebuilt Titles

In an ideal world, all titles would be clean. In the real world, this isn’t always the case. Accidents happen. Cars get flooded. Titles go from clean to salvage. Sometimes, they go from salvage to rebuilt. If you’re driving one of these cars, insuring it might be a little trickier than usual. Salvaged vs. Rebuilt [...]

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The Best Time of Year to Shop for Car Insurance

Smart shoppers are always looking for a good deal. For many big-ticket items, this means waiting for a sale, but what about car insurance? Is there a best time of year to shop for auto insurance? Here’s what you need to know to get the best deal on your car insurance policy. Getting the Best [...]

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How Much Is Car Insurance for Seniors?

A 105-year old woman in Illinois recently renewed her driver’s license. According to Rockford Register Star, the Secretary of State’s Office says she the fourth oldest driver in the state. While older drivers may be required to renew their license more frequently or to prove that their vision and driving skills are up to the [...]

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Real Stories of Road Rage – Don’t Be Like These People

Does your commute make you angry? No one likes getting stuck in traffic or being cut off by someone who doesn’t seem to know how to drive. How you respond matters, though. Aggressive driving and road rage are serious problems – and they can lead to serious jail time. Learn how to keep your calm [...]

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