What’s Scarier than Halloween? These 10 Frightening Teen Car Insurance Tales

What are you afraid of? Werewolves? Vampires? Or the fact that your teen has a driver’s license? For most parents, the thought of their teens running into problems on the road is scarier than any ghost or goblin. Just consider these 10 frightening scenarios: The car breaks down on a dark road at night. Your [...]

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National Teen Driver Safety Week – Resources to Educate Your Teen

National Teen Driver Safety Week runs from October 21 to October 27 this year. It’s a great opportunity for parents to talk to their teens about staying safe on the road. Why Is Teen Driver Safety Week Important? Teens already have to get hands-on practice and pass tests to get a driver’s license. By the [...]

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The New Jupiter Auto Insurance App – 10 Reasons to Get it

How many apps do you have? According to App Annie, the average smartphone user in the U.S. has almost 100 apps installed on their phone. People use about 10 apps on average each day. It’s not hard to see why apps are so popular. They make it easy to do so many things anytime, anywhere, [...]

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Car Insurance for College Students: What Parents Need to Know

Is your kid all grown up and studying in college? Seeing your child move out of your house and into a dorm is a busy and emotional time. You’ve got a lot to think about, but there might be one thing you’ve forgotten to handle – updating the auto insurance policy. What you need to [...]

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Crash Statistics – How Do You Compare?

There’s a good chance you consider yourself an above average driver.  According to research published by the Association for Psychological Science, most people do – even though it’s statistically impossible for most people to above average at any given task. This discrepancy could be because people use their own criteria to rank themselves. People who [...]

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How to Restore a Car with Water Damage

Hurricane Florence has resulted in record flooding. According to the Weather Channel, rainfall has totaled more than 30 inches in some locations, and river flooding rivaled that caused by Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Floyd in 1999 in some locations. Last year, Hurricane Harvey dropped between 40 and 61 inches of rain in parts [...]

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Keep Right Laws May Soon Be Coming to Your State

Driving in the wrong lane can earn you a ticket. We don’t mean driving in the wrong direction, either – although wrong-way driving will definitely get you in trouble. We’re talking about driving in the left lane. In a large and growing number of states, keep right laws restrict which lanes drivers can use. How [...]

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Get Stinky Stories in the September Road Warrior Report

Weird things happen every day. Does that make them normal? Either way, these strange stories from the South are sure to raise some eyebrows and plug some noses. Strange smells bother residents. Some weird things are good. Some are bad. The mysterious odor reported in some parts of Tennessee definitely falls into the latter category. [...]

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How Safe Is Your Car’s Crash Avoidance System?

Does your car have advanced safety technology? New features, including automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assist, are designed to help prevent car crashes. If you don’t have a car with these features now, there’s a good chance you’re eyeing them for your next car purchase. Be warned, though – a new report finds that [...]

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