Keep Right Laws May Soon Be Coming to Your State

Driving in the wrong lane can earn you a ticket. We don’t mean driving in the wrong direction, either – although wrong-way driving will definitely get you in trouble. We’re talking about driving in the left lane. In a large and growing number of states, keep right laws restrict which lanes drivers can use. How [...]

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Get Stinky Stories in the September Road Warrior Report

Weird things happen every day. Does that make them normal? Either way, these strange stories from the South are sure to raise some eyebrows and plug some noses. Strange smells bother residents. Some weird things are good. Some are bad. The mysterious odor reported in some parts of Tennessee definitely falls into the latter category. [...]

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How Safe Is Your Car’s Crash Avoidance System?

Does your car have advanced safety technology? New features, including automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assist, are designed to help prevent car crashes. If you don’t have a car with these features now, there’s a good chance you’re eyeing them for your next car purchase. Be warned, though – a new report finds that [...]

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A Hurricane Season Safety Refresher – Driving in Flooded Streets

As many people saw first-hand last year, a hurricane can bring torrential rain to large areas. This year’s hurricane season may not be as bad as previously feared, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) latest forecast, but storms and flooding are still possible in hurricane-prone areas. Make sure you’re prepared – and [...]

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Why Driving Fatalities Spike in August and How You Can Steer Clear

When you think of dangerous road conditions, you probably think of winter storms and party-filled holidays. August, known for its sunny skies and lack of holidays, seems like a pretty safe time to drive. It’s not. Traffic fatalities actually increase during the summer. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, August ties with July [...]

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Teen Driver Reminders for Back to School

School is back is session. Depending on where you live, classes will be starting up any week now. It’s a busy time for everyone. For teen drivers, it can be an especially stressful time. Instead of hopping on the bus and sleeping on the way to school, you’re driving your car to school – possibly [...]

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Alabama’s New DUI and Ignition Interlock Device Law

Alabama is cracking down on drunk driving. A new law will require ignition interlock devices for more offenders. The goal is to reduce repeat offences in order to make our roads safer. How the New Law Differs Alabama has required ignition interlock devices for some individuals convicted of drunk driving for several years now. However, [...]

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95% of Parents Make Mistakes When Installing Car Seats

Car seats can keep your most precious cargo – your child – safe during a crash. Unfortunately, most car seats are installed incorrectly, putting children at risk. Don’t take any chances. Get the information you need to keep your child safe. Car Seat Misuse Is Rampant According to a study published in the Journal of [...]

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Tennessee Can’t Keep Yanking Driver’s Licenses

Do you have unpaid court fees? If you do, and if you’ve lost your driver’s license because of it, a recent court ruling may be good news for you. Some states revoke a person’s driver’s license over unpaid fees. Tennessee is one of these states – or at least it was until very recently. A [...]

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How Do You Feel About Self-Driving Cars?

Everyone’s talking about self-driving cars – but not everyone’s happy about it. Some people are excited about the possibility, some are worried, and others remain uncertain. Whether or not people are willing to embrace autonomous car technology is an issue of increasing importance. Self-driving cars are no longer mere theory – they’re actually transporting people [...]

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