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Family Auto Insurance: Rethinking the Way You Drive

Having a family can change your priorities. That sporty two-door was great for getting around town when you were living alone. Once you’re married, and you start adding to the family, you need different things from your car. Safety, space, reliability and low maintenance costs. The same can be said for your family auto insurance.

Safer driving = more affordable family auto insurance premiums

Trading in your old wheels, and upgrading to a newer vehicle with enhanced safety features and good crash tests can have a positive effect on your premiums. You can find help choosing the right vehicle on our Family Auto Insurance 101 page. You’re also reaching a point in your life of heightened safety consciousness. A baby on board does tend to change one’s view of the road.

Is it time for a family auto insurance policy review?

More passengers in the car means more potential expenses, and a newer car could mean higher property damage in the case of an accident. You will want to take a look at your limits, and ensure that you’re still appropriately covered.

If not already part of your auto insurance policy, it’s time to think about adding collision and personal injury insurance. In the states we serve, the only requirements are Injury and damage liability policies, neither of which cover you or your family.

  • Adding Personal Injury Insurance to your contract will protect you and your passengers, paying medical expenses regardless of fault. If you already have it, consider increasing the limit as you add more little ones to your family.
  • Collision Insurance becomes more important as your vehicles get more expensive. It can cover damage to your vehicle if you are at fault, and keep your family on the road.
  • Also, don’t forget to consider Uninsured Motorist and Comprehensive Insurance. They will protect you from drivers without insurance, and non-crash damage such as vandalism and theft respectively.

Create a family auto insurance plan

Children change your financial plans. Household budget becomes more of a worry and it’s a good idea to make sure you’re not paying needless expenses. If you haven’t done it already, this is a great time to merge all the drivers in your household into one policy.

Also, take a look at your deductible. Increasing your deductible can make life easier month by month, but as your financial situation changes you want to make sure you can cover the out of pocket costs in case of an accident.

Make sure your policy covers replacement car seats. Even in a minor incident, child car seats can become damaged and need to be replaced.

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