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Private Passenger Auto Insurance

The southern states have some of the most beautiful national parks, best food, and strongest musical roots in the nation. Things worth driving to experience. Jupiter offers flexible policies in five Southern states, and we focus on demystifying the state regulations to get you insured and on the road with as little hassle and worry as possible.

We specialize in private passenger auto insurance for the following states:

State by state, laws vary. Minimum liability amounts and driving regulations often have differences depending on the state. Specializing in this five state area makes our policies comprehensive and responsive to your needs. We follow the industry, and the law, in each state carefully to better serve you. Count on Jupiter to be your local connection for the best auto insurance.

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Want to get a handle on what you can expect from the regulations in your state? No problem – we’ve gathered a lot of the basic information for you at the state links above. Remember that it’s often a good idea to go above the state minimum requirements, as they can be quite low, and offer very limited coverage. We’re happy to talk you through all of the options, and you can check out our insurance 101 page for additional details on understanding your private passenger auto insurance policy.