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SR22 Insurance

If you have ever had your license suspended, then the law requires you to jump through some extra hoops before you can be insured and roadworthy again. A SR22 certificate is a certificate of financial responsibility. Basically, it is proof that you meet your state’s minimum insurance requirements, and that you will continue to do so for a certain period.

Usually, an SR22 insurance certificate will come as a requirement for high risk insurance policies. You will be required to get one if you:

  • Have been convicted of a DUI/DWI.
  • Have been involved in an injury-causing accident.
  • Have been caught driving without insurance.
  • Have a large number of points on your record.

SR22 Insurance Filing

Remember that you cannot file for an SR22 on your own. This is due to the nature of proof required. The government needs proof that you are complying with state insurance law. As the company insuring you, we are qualified to make that assessment based on the policy you have with us. An SRR22 is an assurance from us that you meet the requirements. That means that depending on the severity of your situation, you may be required to pay the entire term of the policy up front.

Excluded Driver Insurance

If you or someone on your joint insurance policy has become high risk, and you can’t afford to insure them any more, there are options. An excluded driver on your policy is a caveat that does exactly what it says. It excludes a driver from your household on the policy. An excluded driver insurance policy keeps the premiums low, and avoids punishing an entire household for one person’s mistakes.

Remember that excluding someone from your insurance policy means that they cannot drive your vehicle. You would be personally responsible for any expenses they incur due to an accident, and driving without insurance is illegal.

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