Car insurance is one of those necessary expenses. You need it, both to protect yourself in case there’s an accident and to stay legal on the road, but you don’t exactly love paying your premium. If there was a way to save money on car insurance, you’d be all for it. If it involved something else you enjoy – like using free apps on your phone – you’d be even more interested.

This isn’t some daydream. You really can save money on car insurance just by using an app.  Here’s how it works.

Prove you’re a good driver.

You follow the speed limit, you don’t brake or accelerate too fast, you avoid unsafe maneuvers and you don’t use your phone while driving.  In short, you’re a safe driver, and you know it – but how do you prove this to your auto insurance company?

It’s not a rhetorical question. You can prove your driving skills with an app.

Modern technology makes it possible to track your driving performance. You focus on driving while the app on your phone monitors your performance. The app grades you on key aspects of safe driving and produces a driving score.

You can then submit this score to your insurer to prove that you’re a safe driver. If your insurer accepts this and is impressed with the score, you could save money on car insurance.

Become a better driver.

When you were in school, did you ever feel confident about a test – and then fail it? It happens.

There’s always a chance that the driving score you get won’t be the one you expected. If this happens to you, look on the bright side. Sure, you might be disappointed to learn that you’re not as safe a driver as you thought, but at least now you know the truth, and you can use this information to improve.

Maybe you’re braking too hard, or maybe you’re speed more than you realized. The app will show you exactly what you’re doing wrong, so you’ll know how to fix it.

Once you’ve improved your score, you can show it to your auto insurance company to see if you can get a discount. You’ll also be a safer driver, which can reduce your risk of getting into a crash or being given a ticket.

Get the Jupiter Auto Insurance App.

Of course, none of this can happen until you get the app.

The Jupiter Auto app is available from Google Play and the Apple Store. It’s free to download, and you don’t have to be a Jupiter Auto insurance customer to use it. If you get a good score, you could use it to save money on car insurance with Jupiter. Start using it today.

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