Weird things happen every day. Does that make them normal? Either way, these strange stories from the South are sure to raise some eyebrows and plug some noses.

Strange smells bother residents. Some weird things are good. Some are bad. The mysterious odor reported in some parts of Tennessee definitely falls into the latter category. According to Fox 13, the foul odor caused people to stay inside. Although people complained online and even to their congressman, and both the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation and the Shelby County Health Department were contacted, no explanation was discovered.

Truck full of Axe body spray explodes. While some smells remain mysterious, others have a clear cause. According to CNN, a truck carrying Axe body spray exploded after the cans ignited. Although the large explosion launched spray cans in both directions of Interstate 35 and caused considerable damage, no one was hurt.

Thieves steal $98,000 worth of Ramen. A bowl of Ramen Noodles is known for being an economical meal, but an entire truckload is worth a pretty penny – or $98,000, to be more exact. According to WJBF, Georgia police are looking for a thief who stole that much Ramen.

All horses must be on leash. The internet is abuzz over a video showing a man shopping at a store – with his horse. According to KOCO News 5, the Oklahoma store allows pets inside as long as they’re on a leash. When two people asked whether they could bring their horse inside, the store decided the horse’s bridle counted as a leash and gave the approval.

Man goes on date in car stolen during last date. Most people have experienced a bad date or two – but usually not one that involved car theft. WCYB reports that a Tennessee man stole a car from one date and then used it to go on a date with another woman at a drive-in movie theater. We’re guessing that neither woman wanted a second date.

Truck drives through store. Many stores have a drive-thru, but that doesn’t mean you can drive through the store. According to Fox 13, a Texas teen was arrested after crashing his truck into a Walmart entrance and driving through the store. If it sounds unbelievable, you can watch the surveillance video for proof.

Chicken nuggets cover street. We may never learn why the chicken crossed the road, but we do know why 39,000 pounds of chicken nuggets littered the road. According to Fox 59, the spill was caused when a train and a semi collided in Tennessee.

Angel spotted in Texas skies. KXAN reports that a cloud bearing a striking resemblance to an angel was spotted over Texas State Highway 105. You can check out the pretty picture of the “Texas Angel” for yourself.

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