A 105-year old woman in Illinois recently renewed her driver’s license. According to Rockford Register Star, the Secretary of State’s Office says she the fourth oldest driver in the state.

While older drivers may be required to renew their license more frequently or to prove that their vision and driving skills are up to the task, there is no upper age limit for drivers. As long as you can safely drive your car, you can keep your license.

Older Drivers and Safety

Older drivers may have some health issues that impact their ability to drive safely.

According to the National Institute on Aging, common problems include stiff joints, vision and hearing problems, and slower reaction times. Serious health conditions, such as dementia, may also cause safety issues, and some medicine may be dangerous behind the wheel.

However, despite these potential issues, some older people are excellent drivers. After all, they have plenty of experience on the road. If they need to brush up on their driving skills or learn how to adapt as they age, they can also take a driving refresher course for seniors.

The Cost of Insurance

Senior drivers may see an increase in their car insurance rates. However, many other factors, including where they live, how much they drive, and whether they’ve gotten into crashes recently, will also impact their rates.

We ran some hypothetical examples through the Jupiter Auto online quote tool to show you how much seniors might pay in different situations.

Let’s look at a single 65-year-old man in Hot Springs, Arkansas, ZIP code 71903. He drives a 2008 Ford Taurus (4DR SDN Limited AWD). He currently has insurance, and he wants the minimum liability coverage required by the state. He might pay $75.60 per month with $115 down. But what if he has a wife, also age 65, and she needs insurance, too? Insuring both of them might actually cost less – about $71.40 per month and $111.00 down.

Now let’s look at a single 75-year-old woman in Norman, Oklahoma, ZIP code 73068. She drives a 2010 Cadillac Escalade (AWD 4DR Base) and is currently insured. For the minimum liability insurance required in Oklahoma, she might pay $88.60 per month and $136 down.

What about an 80-year-old woman in Arlington, Texas, ZIP code 76015? She owns a 2015 BMW 4 Series (2Dr CPE 4281 RWD). She currently has insurance, and she’s making payments on her car. For the minimum liability insurance required in Texas plus comprehensive and collision coverage required by her lender, she might pay $388.00 per month with $411.00 down. However, if she owned the car in full and didn’t need comprehensive and collision coverage, her payment might drop to $130.20 per month with $147.00 down.

How Much is Car Insurance for YOU?

The above examples are purely hypothetical. How much you’ll pay will depend on your own unique situation. But getting a personalized quote is quick and easy with the Jupiter Auto quote tool. Get a quote now.