For some people, driving is a way to get from point A to point B. For others, it’s a way of life. Regardless of where you fall in this spectrum, when you’re on the road, you tend to see a thing or two. Here are some of the stranger reports we’ve come across recently.

See You Later, Alligator

Over the summer, there was an alligator at Humboldt Park in Illinois. In case you’re not sure, it wasn’t supposed to be there. Most likely, it was a pet that someone released after realizing that alligators don’t make very good pets. An alligator certainly isn’t something you want to come across when you’re out for a ride or enjoying a day at the park, but you might enjoy reading WTTW’s Fun Gator Facts.

Extreme Littering

We get it. Driving around town with your baby’s stinky old diaper in the car is no fun. You want to throw that smelly thing out as soon as possible. But litter laws exist for a reason, and you can’t just throw your trash out the window. According to WKFR 103.3, an Indiana driver learned this the hard way after tossing a dirty diaper out the car window – and accidentally hitting a police car with it. Do we even have to mention that the driver got a ticket?

Unexplained Sirens

If you were in Wichita Falls right before Halloween, you may have heard a strange – and rather frightening – siren. According to News Channel 6, multiple people reported hearing the sirens early one morning. However, not everyone heard the sirens, and the source of the sound was not clear.

Thanksgiving on the Road

You know why the chicken crossed the road, but what about the turkey? Apparently, it was being carried by a mischievous dog. According to FOX 10, a dog was seen with a whole Thanksgiving turkey in the middle of an Arkansas road this last holiday season. The dog may have been having a good Thanksgiving, but it looks like a family’s holiday was ruined.

An Unexpected Holiday Guest

When a Georgia family brought home a live Christmas tree, they took in a bit more than they expected. According to Click On Detroit, the family found an owl in their tree, and it had apparently been there the entire time. The owl was reluctant to leave, but with the help of a nonprofit nature center, the family was able to convince it to go. Perhaps the owl felt at home among the family’s owl decorations.

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