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Motorcycle Insurance

There’s no greater way to experience the joy of the open road than seated atop a motorcycle. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a die-hard enthusiast, or a city driver looking for an alternative, Jupiter is here to protect the unique expression of your independence – offering motorcycle insurance in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and 23 other states.


To bring our customers the very best in Motorcycle Insurance protection, we’ve partnered with Dairyland Cycle®. Dairyland has been insuring thousands of motorcycles for the past 50 years. In addition to their great motorcycle insurance policy, they offer:

  • Discounts for insuring multiple cycles, being a H.O.G. member, being a member of some rider groups and for completing rider training courses
  • Optional roadside assistance
  • Optional Excursion Diversion coverage
  • Short-term motorcycle insurance policies for international visitors to the U.S.

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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Details

The first and most important thing to remember about insuring a motorcycle is that it won’t be covered under your existing auto insurance policy. Motorcycles require their own separate policy to be road-worthy. In the states we serve, the minimums for motorcycle insurance are the same as they are for auto insurance.

  • Alabama: 25/50/25
  • Arkansas: 25/50/25
  • Georgia: 25/50/25
  • Oklahoma: 25/50/25
  • Tennessee: 25/50/15

Remember that these minimums are for liability coverage only. As with auto insurance, it is a good idea to look into additional coverage to protect you and your vehicle as well, as liability coverage only applies to damage to other persons and property.