You need car insurance – but maybe not for the reasons you think. States set laws for minimum auto insurance requirements. These laws typically require liability coverage, which is important in case you hit another car. But a lot of other things can wrong on the road – or off the road – and that’s why other types of coverage are also a good idea.

Following the law is one valid reason to purchase car insurance, but it’s not the only reason. Here are 20 more reasons to maintain full coverage.

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused to a third party. In other words, if you crash into another car, you’ll need liability coverage. This is the type of coverage most commonly required under state law. Even if you think you’re a good driver who wouldn’t cause an accident, here are five reasons you’ll be glad you have to carry liability coverage.

  1. You spill your coffee. While this is always a lousy way to start the day, it’s even worse if you’re driving and get into an accident as a result.
  2. Your dog takes the wheel. If you like driving with your pet on your lap, you could be setting yourself up for crash.
  3. You hydroplane on a wet road. Now you’ve just careened into another car.
  4. Your tire explodes. If you can’t keep control of your car, you could crash into another vehicle.
  5. You swerve to avoid an animal – and right into a car.

Collision Coverage

Liability insurance won’t cover damage to your own car. For that, you need collision insurance. Here are five reasons to get it.

  1. You fall asleep and wake up in a ditch. Drowsy driving is a real problem.
  2. You back into a pole. The pole is fine, but your car is not.
  3. You hit an object in the road. It wasn’t supposed to be there, and now your car is damaged.
  4. You hit black ice and go off the road. Your car is damaged as a result.
  5. You swerve to avoid a car – and hit a tree.

Comprehensive Coverage

Car crashes aren’t the only danger on the road. Comprehensive coverage covers a wide range of perils. Here are five reasons to get it.

  1. Massive hail dents your car. When hail gets to be the size of golf balls, it can do considerable damage.
  2. You hit a deer. Crashes with animals are very common in some areas.
  3. Someone vandalizes your car. Maybe they didn’t like your bumper stickers.
  4. Your car gets flooded. Water can wreck a vehicle.
  5. A tree falls on your car. You don’t even have to drive anywhere for your car to be totaled.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

In many states, insurers are required to offer uninsured motorist coverage, which can include bodily injury and property damage. Underinsured motorist coverage is also available. Here are five reasons you’ll be glad you accepted the coverage.

  1. An uninsured driver totals your car. According to the Insurance Information Institute, about one in eight drivers don’t have insurance.
  2. An uninsured driver puts you in the hospital. Those medical bills can get expensive.
  3. You’re the victim of a hit-and-run accident. They’re not supposed to happen, but they do.
  4. The at-fault driver missed a payment. The driver might not realize their policy has lapsed – until they hit you and you try to file a claim.
  5. The at-fault driver only has the minimum coverage required. Your costs might exceed their limits.

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