Does it seem like strange events are on the rise? Maybe it’s just the internet’s ability to spread weird news so fast, but it can certainly seem that way. Here’s a look at some of the oddest events to emerge from the South in recent months.

  • Albino boa constrictor among Goodwill donations. UPI reports that the live snake was found in a bin of donations in Texas. At the time, it was thought that someone might have put the snake there on purpose, but according to NBC DFW, the owner has since been found. It appears that the snake was hiding in a couch that was donated to Goodwill.
  • More than 100 snakes rescued from house fire. If finding one snake is surprising, what about finding more than 100? That’s what Texas firefighters encountered when they responded to a house fire, according to Dallas News. Most of the snakes got out fine, and no humans were injured.
  • Giant spider attacks police officer. As if dealing with snakes wasn’t bad enough, dashcam footage showed an enormous spider sneaking up on a Texas police officer. Thankfully, according to the Sacramento Bee, the video was not the first phase of a mutant arachnid invasion, but merely an optical illusion created when a regular spider got in front of the camera.
  • 1,000 teeth found in wall. Construction workers in Georgia found approximately 1000 teeth in the wall of a building they were working on, reports AJC. The teeth might have something to do with two tenants, both dentists, who occupied the building during the early 1900s. Talk about creepy – suddenly, snakes and spiders don’t sound so terrifying.
  • Flaming hole mystifies people in Arkansas. According to Arkansas Online, a hole in Midway created a 12-foot flame at one point. No one is sure what caused the flaming hole, but so far no source of methane has been found, and both meteorites and Satan have been ruled out.
  • Giant spools keep terrorizing commuters. A giant industrial spool fell off a truck and caused mayhem on a Houston highway. That’s weird enough, but it gets weirder. According to Jalopnik, this was not the first, not the second, but the THIRD incident involving giant spools on roads in two months.
  • Boat sails down Tennessee road. Motor1 has multiple pictures of a boat spotted cruising down a street in Tennessee. No, it wasn’t being hauled by a truck. It was just a boat on wheels being driven (sailed?) down the road.

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