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The Keys to Tennessee Auto Insurance

Tennessee is the state with a musical soul. The home of Bluegrass and Elvis Presley, Tennessee has as much cultural beauty as natural. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited in the nation, and the state has over 3,800 documented caves. Whether you’re on your way to Ruby Falls or following the mystery of whether President Andrew Jackson ever visited the Bell Witch, make sure you’re protected with the best Tennessee Auto Insurance on the market. Your best car insurance ever is available through Jupiter; we’re here to protect you on the road.

Tennessee Auto Insurance Basics

Tennessee has slightly different minimum liability requirements than other states. Most states are 25/50/25; however, Tennessee only requires $15,000 in property damage liability.

  • Minimum $25,000 for death & injury per person
  • Minimum of $50,000 for death & injury per incident involving two or more people
  • Minimum $15,000 coverage for damage to property

Your insurance provider needs to be authorized by the state, as always. Remember that minimum liability only covers those damages done to other people and property when you are at fault. They don’t protect you from uninsured drivers or pay for your medical expenses and property damages. More information about financial responsibility in Tennessee can be found here.

How to Get the Best Tennessee Auto Insurance for Your Money

  • Think carefully about car choice. High performance cars can cost you in premiums, whereas larger cars and trucks tend to have lower rates of injury claims, and can cost you less to insure. SUVs have a wide range of premiums associated with them based on how the insurance company decides to calculate. They are relatively safe, but also frequently stolen. Always check with your insurance company while considering which model to buy.
  • Keep a clean driving record, it’s the best way to keep your premiums low.
  • Remember that the minimum coverage is unlikely to be enough. If you hit a sports car, you could be on the hook for a lot more money than your insurance will cover.
  • Protect yourself against uninsured drivers with an uninsured / underinsured Tennessee auto insurance policy.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Tennessee?

A married couple living in Memphis, zip code 38109, might pay $83 per month with a $119 down payment. That’s based on results from Jupiter’s instant quote tool, and it’s assuming the wife is 37, the husband is 38, they drive a 2014 Subaru Forester and they go for the state’s minimum insurance requirements.

Of course, your own situation will be different. Read How Much Is Car Insurance to see how different factors impact your car insurance rates. Then get your own quote using Jupiter’s instant quote tool.

Staying Safe on Tennessee Road Trips

Tennessee offers everything from bustling cities to beautiful mountains. You want to see it all, but you also want to keep safe. Plan for the area you’re visiting.

  • If you’re heading into the big city to catch some music, remember that collision and theft both increase in statistical likelihood.
  • If you’re getting a breath of fresh air in the Great Smoky Mountains or vacationing in a luxury cabin, watch out for wildlife crossing the road. During the winter, you’re likely to encounter snow in the higher elevations, so be prepared for icy conditions and bring along some snow chains.
  • Traveling the Great River Road is a superb way to take in the beauty along the Mississippi River, but pay attention to the weather forecast. During severe storms and heavy rainfall, the road may become flooded.

Great Resources for Drivers in Tennessee

Need to renew your license? Wondering what Tennessee’s seat belt laws are? The following resources will help you find out everything you need to know about driving in Tennessee.

Keep Tennessee Auto Insurance Rates Low by Obeying the Rules of the Road

Traffic laws differ slightly from state to state, so if you’re new to Tennessee, make sure you familiarize yourself with them.

  • In Tennessee you can be convicted of a DUI even if you’re under the blood alcohol limit of 0.08%, if an officer demonstrates that you were driving dangerously.
  • Tennessee law bans texting while driving. New drivers are also prohibited from using hand-held cell phones to talk while driving, and some lawmakers are trying to extend this ban on cell phones to all drivers. Play it safe and wait to use your cell phone until you’re parked.
  • If you’re in an accident in Tennessee, move your car out of the flow of traffic as soon as possible if there are no injuries. Tennessee law protects drivers who do this from any liability that could result.
  • Wear your seatbelt. It’s always a good idea, and it’s also required by Tennessee law. As the driver, you’re responsible for making sure your passengers are wearing seatbelts, too.
  • If you encounter problems while driving in Tennessee, you can call the Tennessee Highway Patrol for help. Just dial *THP (*847).

Tennessee License and Registration: Maintaining the Necessary Paperwork

You already know you need valid auto insurance in order to drive in Tennessee. Keep proof of insurance in your wallet at all times in case there’s ever a problem. You’ll need a few other pieces of documentation, as well.

  • Your license: This one seems obvious, but you might not know all the details. Tennessee gives new residents 30 days to obtain a driver’s license, and licenses are typically valid for five years. If you change your name or address, you are required to provide notification. Driver Services Centers are located throughout Tennessee, and the Comprehensive Driver License Manual can be downloaded from the government website.
  • Registration and title: In Tennessee, all motor vehicles, motorized bicycles and trailers must be registered and titled. Registration and titling can be completed with the help of a county clerk.
  • Emission inspection: Tennessee’s Department of Environment & Conservation requires some vehicles to pass an emissions test before being registered. Testing locations are available here.

Why Is Jupiter the Best Car Insurance in Tennessee?

When you have a problem, you want help from someone nearby. Jupiter Auto is based out of Nashville, Tennessee, and we’re proud to call this state home. We understand this state’s insurance requirements, and whenever you need help, we’re always close by.

You can also use the Jupiter Auto App – even if you’re not a Jupiter Auto customer. It has a ton of great features, from geofencing capabilities so parents can track their teens to driving scores so you can see exactly how safe a driver you really are. The app also comes with easy options for roadside assistance, bill payment, claims reporting and more. Whether or not you’re a Jupiter Auto customer, if you drive in Tennessee, you’ll want this app.

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