What are you afraid of? Werewolves? Vampires? Or the fact that your teen has a driver’s license? For most parents, the thought of their teens running into problems on the road is scarier than any ghost or goblin.

Just consider these 10 frightening scenarios:

  1. The car breaks down on a dark road at night. Your teen is stranded with no one in sight. As it gets later and later, you get more and more worried.
  2. Your teen is driving on a dangerous highway. You agreed that certain roads were off limits, but your teen is driving there anyway.
  3. Your teen isn’t at the library. You handed over the keys so your teen could do research for a school project, but instead of a quiet evening at the library, a wild time downtown is planned.
  4. Your teen is skipping school. Now that your teen has a car, it’s easier than ever to schedule an impromptu ditch day. You’ll be taken by surprise when you see a bad report card or get a call from the school.
  5. Your teen isn’t staying at a friend’s. That was the official plan, but what if your teen has gone over to their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s place instead?
  6. Your teen is sneaking out at night. You think they’re asleep in their room, but they’re actually jumping in the car and going who-knows-where.
  7. Your teen went to the house party you said was off limits. You knew it was a bad idea, and you told your teen not to go, but they disobeyed.
  8. Your teen gets lost. Going to the wrong place isn’t always the result of teenage hijinks. Your teen might have taken a wrong turn and ended up in the wrong part of town.
  9. Your teen goes on an unapproved road trip. You had to leave town on business, and your teen is supposed to be studying at home. But has your teen gone on a cross-country road trip instead? You’re not sure how to tell.
  10. You have no idea where your teen is. Did your teen sneak out, or is it something even worse? The unknown can be the scariest threat of all, especially when it comes to your kids.

If these tales scare you, rest assured that there is something you can do to keep your teen driver safe. Geofencing is an easy way to keep tabs on your teen.

Geofencing technology uses GPS to create a geographical boundary. When your teen enters or exits an area, you’ll know.  Whether you want to be alerted when your teen leaves home, school or town, geofencing makes it easy. It’s the perfect solution for parents who want to hand over the keys but aren’t ready to relinquish all control, and for teens who still need to prove they can handle the responsibility of being a driver.

Taking advantage of geofencing is as easy as using an app. You set the geographical boundaries, and if your teen crosses them, you receive an alert. Instead of worrying that your teen might not be where they’re supposed to be, you can rest assured that they’re safe and accounted for.

You can get geofencing through the Jupiter Auto App and you don’t even have to be a Jupiter Auto client to use it. The Jupiter Auto app is available for free through Google Play and the Apple Store. Download it today.